Get Gorgeous Makeup in Wet Weather

i0oHas your otherwise perfect makeup application been washed away by a surprise downpour? With the rainy season approaching, it’s time to prep your beauty routine to make sure your face never gets drenched on again! Here are some tips and tricks on how to keep your makeup looking gorgeous—not washed out—in wet weather.


The trick to perfecting your base is in the application—instead of caking on a thick amount, make sure to add thin layers of product until you reach coverage you’re happy with. Since powder turns splotchy in the rain, choose a cream, mousse, or liquid texture as a base, to ensure longer-lasting coverage. If you must powder, dust a light layer of translucent powder with a large, fluffy powder brush. Use concealer sparingly, and only where necessary.

Beautylish recommends: Maybelline Dream Smooth Foundation, Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Foundation, and Benefit Cosmetics Play Sticks.


Since powder is best to avoid in wet weather, the same holds true for powder blushes. Opt for cream, gel, and mousse textures instead. In a damp atmosphere, these formulations will last longer on the skin.

Stop draping your coat over your shoulders

jmkIt’s official: New York women — especially those strutting into the Fashion Week shows at Moynihan Station — have become too good for sleeves. Not coats, mind you — but the sleeves on their coats, specifically.

We’ve all seen them — floating down 33rd Street, their outerwear riding high on their shoulders and blowing in the wind behind them, a train of cheetah and pastels and expensive leather.

It’s like they pulled the coat onto their shoulders, looked in the mirror, and let out a sigh, deciding they were above pulling their arms into the silly extra fabric on the sides.

“This is a lovely white coat to wear to the US Open,” thought Kendall Jenner as she got dressed for the match. “But screw these sleeves — let’s half-wear this sucker!”

The coat isn’t worn, it’s draped. And it’s ridiculous.

Think about it: Navigating the world of New York while balancing a coat on your shoulders isn’t easy. Your shoulders must remain lifted, keeping the luxe fabric from — God forbid! — slipping off and down your back. It’s most comparable to the

Origins Of The Overcoat

t6As with many contemporary staples, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when the overcoat first emerged. Several online accounts name 1772 as the year the overcoat was invented, while others claim the early 19th century was when they really came into their own. Regardless, usage of the word itself dates back to the late 18th century, meaning overcoats were being worn before the Regency Period in Britain.

Crafted from a heavy fabric such as wool (merino, Melton etc.), the overcoat is a long-sleeved coat that can be either single- or double-breasted, and usually has a single vent at the back. If we’re being strict with semantics, the overcoat always extends below the knee, but you’ll find that modern day styles rarely do, given the impracticality of long outerwear.

The topcoat, on the other hand, is a variant plenty of people often confuse with the overcoat, and is made from a lighter fabric, extending to the knee at its very longest. To add to the confusion, there’s the greatcoat, which – for all intents and purposes – is just a way

Anarkali Wedding outfits

Anarkali Wedding outfitsAs style continues changing thus styling and planning of marriage dress additionally continues changing now and again .The change is particularly important in light of the fact that individuals can’t get by with the same thing each time having no uniqueness in it .Subsequently architects continues changing the dresses .Some of the time, they change the texture that they use while some times they change the weaving take a shot at it .While some of the time creators change the shading blend of the dresses .The outlining of marriage dresses change no less than two times each year .

  • Types of Most recent Lehenga Styles Anarkali frocks:

Lehnga style Anarkali wedding outfit is particularly alluring in light of the fact that the dress was additionally utilized as a part of Mughal time .There are likewise different sorts of lehnga style wedding outlines which are as underneath :

  • Lehanga choli Marriage Outfits:

This outfit comprises of a little choli and a gigantic Anarkali designed lehnga and dupatta .This outfit needs so much diligent

Know about Father’s Day Jewellery Gift Ideas

Remember the time when you first started learning to ride a bicycle? Or the time when you were stressed out and there was this one person who helped you get rid of that stress? Remember every time you were scared, that person took you into his arms and gave you courage? Or the man who has always been your best friend and has your back every time you need him? Yes, that man is your father – the one who constantly endeavours to ensure that you get everything you want even if it means he has to sacrifice something he loves. This Father’s Day, let him know how much he means to you by gifting him something specail. You must be looking for Father’s Day gifts ideas or wondering what to purchase on Father’s day. Why don’t you gift your father some jewellery and put a smile on his face?

Buying jewellery for your father is not easy and it is important that you know what your father likes especially what he’s likely to wear. Jewellery is something personal and buying it for father may be a tricky task. So, do not purchase anything unless you are sure that it is

Getting Nice Things for My Wife

I like to buy my wife nice things. I like her to have clothes that fit her well and look good on her. Of course, she likes the same thing. She is not brand crazy, but she does prefer comfort and quality. For example, she gets her lingerie from Ozqueen. She gets things that look really great, but they also fit right and she likes the comfort. She has even bought for me from their men’s line of underwear. I am not all that into looking great in clothes. I’m more of the jeans and tee shirt kind of guy. My wife has to wear business dress clothes, and that means a lot of skirts and dresses. Read more

Simple Yet Mouth Watering Beef Recipe And Mushroom

Cooking something delicious and fancy for lunch or dinner, sometimes it requires no complicated procedure like what you had on your mind. On the contrary, you even can cook something fancy even with simple recipe and procedure, have no idea? Beef recipe and procedure to cook it into a delicious dish, can be a real example. Only if you are interested toward the recipe and its easy procedure, you can read on, to figure out how easy to cook beef and mushroom into a dish anyone can’t resist. Start from the preparation, you will need; minced beef, mushroom, vegetable oil, chopped leek, crushed garlic, and some the undermentioned.

Sliced onion, butter, black pepper, Royco seasoning with beef flavor, sweet soy sauce, and salt. Afterward, you need only to these follow simple procedures to cook the beef. First, take the a bowl, then put the beef, Royco, garlic, black pepper, and vegetable oil altogether, ensure that you mix those ingredients evenly. Second, take a pan or some, heat it, thus you can melt the butter. Stir fry the mixed beef with the melted butter and wait until you find discoloration toward the beef. It

Three Things You Should Know Before Buying a Suit Online

As the old saying goes, every man should have at least one suit in his wardrobe. While this advice is certainly wise to follow, body changes and the high costs of suits can make it difficult to maintain a well-fitting suit as part of one’s wardrobe.

Fortunately, purchasing a new suit is easier than ever, as online stores enable you to have one at your door within a week’s time. Before you go through the process of purchasing one, however, here are a few things that you should know:

Know Your Current Measurements

One of the biggest problems that men run into when purchasing a suit online is that they attempt to estimate their measurements instead of getting exact numbers about their size. This then leads to issues with how the suit fits, which then means that the suit has to be sent back.

The main reason that this happens is that men feel that they can either use past measurements or estimate their size based on how they perceive their body has changed since their last measurement. This is obviously never a good idea, especially when you are purchasing a high-priced suit online. Get up-to-date measurements done by a professional

Tips to Buy Bridal Lehenga Designs for Summer Weddings

Who doesn’t like the idea of lehengas during one’s wedding? Lehengas are definitely the most important garment that one can choose for their own wedding. This can be proved by the rise in thesale of the Wedding lehenga every year. Most of the marriages take place during the winter so the Wedding lehengas are made extremely heavy and colourful. But what happens when the wedding takes place in the summer? Initially, there was no option for brides to select but go for the same lehengas that were available for the winter weddings too, but now with changes in time, there are an ample amount of options available.

Buying Summer Wedding Lehengas:

Nowadays selecting a wedding lehenga is just not merely a selection of cloth or colour. It is also essentially a matter of comfort. Summers can be hard but summer weddings can be harsher. These weddings are definitely not going to be comfortable for the bride with the same old traditional lehengas. The new lehenga designs that have come up can be a life saviour. Firstly choosing the summer colours should be done excellently. One can go for the shades of greens and blues.

Best Customize Sports Pinnies is an online shopping site which has a huge collection of sportswear varying from low price to high price differs by its quality and design. The site is provided with such an easy browsing facilities & awesome features that provide you to design online where one can customize sports pinnies, shorts, and T-shirts. It provides good quality of wear that provide you find much comfort.


The site provides tutorial for designing the products and also provides design ideas where one can browse pre-made design for easy customization. deals in sportswear specially for the lacrosse sportswear like the Lacrosse shorts, Lacrosse uniforms, Girls lacrosse uniforms, Basketball uniforms, Basketball jerseys, Jerseys, Girls lacrosse shorts, Reversible jerseys, Sublimated Shirts, Sublimated Shorts, Sublimated Jerseys, and Basketball Uniforms, Men’s Apparel, Women’s Apparel, Youth Apparel etc. Features:

It has following features which makes it unique. These features allow customers to design their products by themselves before buying. They also provide best fabrics and good quality sportswear with affordable price.

  1. Design Online- This is a special feature by which you can get the best design into the product you

Tips Design For Skin

People say “men would achieve the path of salvation the day they would be able to understand ‘what women want'”. Yes, it’s a tough call though; still men never fail to try, at least! After a prolonged survey celebrated men’s designer Arjun Khanna was finally able to figure out what women want actually. “Besides the good looks women love to see men with flawless skin”- was his answer. Enter- Kaya Skin Clinic. Arjun with Kaya decided to launch the ‘Designer Skin’ package and range of treatments exclusively for men. Interestingly, Arjun Khanna would be the face of the product line. The formal announcement was made by Rakesh Pandey (CEO Kaya) in the presence of Arjun Khanna at Indigo, Colaba on 21st of Aug.

Looking at the men’s grooming and care market, various brands are awakening about the fact the men also have skin! “This would be the first time Kaya is providing skin treatments and services to men. We all know men’s skin is really different from women, it’s rougher and harder, hence men need a different treatment and a special range of products for their skin care. Looking at these demands we decided to come up with

Flaunt Your Full Figured Body With Ladies Plus Size Clothing

Full figured beauties, did you ever yearn to have a trendy dress that perfectly fits your body and hugs your curves? Ever thought of proudly flaunting your figure in that sexy black dress or simply enrobing a chic coat on a simple trouser and going for a brunch with the girls on a weekend? How about an outfit that would accentuate your silhouette and make you look fully startling? To fulfill all the dreams of plus-size beauties, their clothing has arrived with the perfect outfits for every season.

Years ago, when shopping for clothes, full-figured women did not have many styles to choose from. Fortunately, things have evolved since then, and today there is a good selection of ladies plus sizes clothing in the market. Earlier, either they had to squeeze themselves into a garment that was made for a slender body or had to stay out of the fashion. Nowadays, more and more plus sizes is being recognized as lovely ladies with curves that need plus size tops, dresses and pants designed just for them to show off their curves and are very laudatory on them. There was a time when plus size models were unheard of; you had to

Picking The Right Coat For Your Figure

A coat is one of the most important items in your wardrobe, and getting it right really does matter. After all, you can’t hide your coat under any more layers – it’s there for the world to see. This means you need to choose women’s coats to flatter your figure. Luckily, help is on hand to help you do this. Read on for some tips on picking the right women’s coat for your figure.

Tips for petite ladies

If you are relatively short (under five feet five), you are most likely classed as ‘petite’ and it is important that you take this into account when choosing your perfect coat. For instance, if you wear a coat that is too long, it will swamp your figure and make your legs look short. This means that shorter women are usually advised to choose coats that are no longer than knee-length. This helps to make your legs appear longer and shouldn’t swamp your figure, either.

With this in mind, if you are very petite, it’s also worth being careful about the style of coat you choose. Too much fabric or not enough structure in the design could easily leave you looking lost and overwhelmed; tailored coats

Get All Classic Designs Of Wholesale Womens Booties

Most of the women like to wear the top class shoes for their classic type of fashion so that it will be quite easier for increasing the better way. The modern accessories such as cosmetics, clothes, jewelry and shoes play an important role so that it will be quite efficient for increasing their beauty with the classic style. Most of modern women like to show themselves fashionable in the public so they match the dress with the other accessories in the best manner. The modern shoes play an important role in the fashion and it will be the excellent choice for wearing the modern type of shoes and boots. These will increase the modern look to a greater extent and these will also reflect the personality of the person in the best manner. Wholesale womens shoes will be the best way for getting attention in both the summer and winter seasons so it is necessary to choose the best class good quality shoes. The modern shoes with different designs and color will reflect the definition as well as the taste of that woman so that it will be easier for getting the high class look. The Wholesale womens shoes are

Fashion Police Offer the Season’s Style DOs and DON’Ts

New York Fashion Week showcased many trends and styles worth trying this season. A leading retailer of wholesale clothing allows shoppers to try these different styles without exceeding their budget. When looking to update your fall and winter wardrobe, the wholesale fashion experts recommend mixing classic pieces with the hottest trends.


This fall, DO invest in an eye-catching coat. Bold furs, oversize parkas, military-inspired outwear and man-tailored styles were seen on the runways. DON’T forget your hat! Cute and cozy hats are a staple of the fall and winter season, especially in cold climates. Fedoras, floppy knits, and even baseball caps are in!

DON’T shy away from prints, but DO leave those floral and paisley prints for the spring months. Fall prints should remain classic, like hounds-tooth and basic plaids — and DON’T forget leopard print! As one of the hottest prints this fall, leopard matches well with red and brown, and even pink. But, DON’T overdo it when it comes to leopard print. Keep it simple and elegant.

DO pick up an emerald green piece. Pantone chose the shade as its top color for 2013, so it’s no wonder that it was spotted

How to Buy Pakistani Clothes Online

Everyone wants look good and likes to be fashionable and stylish. If you are not an exception then you must want to increase your stalk of clothes for different purposes. The world of fashion is changing consistently and some new and innovative ideas of designers are being added to the fashion. But today we are living a fast life and we don’t get time to go to a market frequently and as a result we find nothing to wear for a party. When it’s time to go to a party we don’t prefer a dress which is already worn. New clothes are always attractive to us. Now in this modern age there is a solution to buy new fashionable dresses without going to a market and finding dresses. Online shopping has solved the problem and now we can buy a desired dress by clicking on a particular dress.

Pakistani dresses that are popular in websites

You will find various online shopping destinations to buy Pakistani clothes online. These websites provide a lot of dresses with their images and product details. You will get various modern dresses like chiffon fancy suits, semi stitrched suits for women and tee-shirts, shirts, jeans or pants for

Quality Cheerleading Uniforms Make the Team Look Their Best

It does not matter if the team is a football team or a cheerleading team, they should look their best. Finding matching cheerleading uniforms and other gear will be important for uniformity with the team. Every team deserves to shine and look their best.

By wearing these, they are able to show off their colors, their school and show off their moves. Every cheerleading team has their own colors that they will wear. They have many different routines that they will perform for the crowd to keep them cheering as well.

A good quality cheerleading uniform will be very important. They have many different things that are going to be very important for the team. The durability of their uniforms will keep them looking great. The stitches that they are made with need to be very well made also.

Some of them are much easier to clean than others also. Finding the ones that are the easiest to clean will be very important. It is very important to make sure that they have the best opportunities to shine when they are representing their teams.

A cheerleader has many things that they will be doing. Everybody has a lot of options in choosing the fabrics

From Clubmaster Sunglasses to Round Sunglasses Women Have A Wide Choice In Colors And Styles

For men and women alike a pair of shades is a must own. It is a fashion accessory that everyone loves to flaunt. Apart from that sunglasses come in handy when you step out into the sun. They protect your eyes from UV rays that can damage your eyes and give rise to an array of problems including inflammation of the eye. However, owing to a vast range on the market choosing the right shades becomes a daunting task. However, if you conduct a small survey of your own you can locate a pair that matches the shape of your face. Simply check a few specialty stores to sift through the wholesale Clubmaster sunglasses range or the Radar sunglasses range. These top-notch pair of shades are offered at affordable prices. Plus they are genuine, first-rate sunglasses that’s why are most in demand today.

Both Celebrities and Non-celebrities Love To Wear Clubmaster Sunglasses

Clubmaster sunglasses are all the rage these days – from Lindsay Lohan to Kristen Stewart – there are a great number of stars who can be seen sporting these shades. This style is the creation of Ray-Ban and since its launch in the 1980s

Choose Experts For Wardrobe Consultation in New York City

Do you want professional assistance to get luxurious shopping experience? It is good choice to add fun and excitement in your shopping tour in New York City. When it comes to shopping then there are number of factors with which you must be prepared for and to have beneficial experience you need experts’ assistance. The experts must take you at the most specific locations where you can get for what you are looking at very reasonable cost. The experts must plan and arrange your trading trip in such a way so that you can get profits in buying through the most popular destinations. No matter, the brand and budget as the shopping experts have good knowledge in arranging the most affordable and beneficial NYC group shopping tours. When you select personalized trading tour then it will be easy for you to save time and money both.

How to save on shopping for corporation in New York City?


No doubt, you always try to save on shopping and the personalized shopping tour makes it easy for you to have beneficial trading experience. When you have a personalized tour then you don’t need to determine

Organic Women Clothes A New Clothing Trend

Clothing is an integral part of a human race. It is said that your clothes say a lot about you. As the civilization grows, the style and the materials also change. It is not an exaggeration to say that clothes reveal the style and the trend of a specific time period. Every era has its own dedicated style of clothing. In the 21st century, now it is the era of eating organic, drink organic and wear organic. The increasing population and uncontrolled pollution has forced humankind to look for the eco-friendly way for every need. Clothing is one of the prime needs of a human so no doubt organic clothing is getting much hype today. Organic women clothes is a popular and much-appreciated fad with the emerging of various fashion houses that are promoting organic women cloth at large scale.

What are organic women clothes?

Any cloth is said to be organic if it is made of the raw materials produced from organic farming. The raw material would be cotton, silk or jute where no synthetic fiber is used during the manufacture along with chemicals. In concise, every women cloth that is manufactured with the help

The future of leather

the city will host the first Condé Nast International Luxury Conference. Along with top fashion gurus—among them Karl Lagerfeld and Roberto Cavalli—attendees will include executives from Hermès, Tiffany and Ferragamo. Much awaited by many in the fashion industry, the two-day conference will address wide-ranging topics of the moment, including the changing role of technology.

With the fashion industry increasingly concerned about sustainability and environmental impact, one current question is whether leather might be ‘grown’ in a lab rather than processed from animal hides. Suzy Menkes gives a glimpse of this future in a short video (see

The goal behind this technology is not only to create leather but, in the process, to improve it with greater durability, breathability and elasticity.

Florence delegates will discuss the future of leather, a material with which the city has a long and legendary history. As one of its most important industries, leather—whether ‘natural’ or ‘cultivated’—is on the minds of those in Florence who are artists of it, from sales and design to passing on the art of working with leather. What do they see ahead?

Tommaso Melani of

The 10 autumn fashion trends you need to know about

1. Gucci on the high street

If you’ve seen any of the following in Zara or Topshop – shaggy faux-fur coats, pussybow blouses or floral dresses that look like 1970s upholstery – then you’ve already spotted the beginnings of the Guccification of the high street. This is all thanks to the brand’s new creative director, Alessandro Michele, who has transformed Gucci from a purveyor of bling-tastic yacht chic to a haven for glamorous geeks, and has won the hearts of the fashion industry in the process. High-street homages are everywhere; spectacles and a bobble hat are the finishing touches.

2. The muse

The fashion industry has decreed that Wes Anderson’s most stylish character, Margot Tenenbaum, is this season’s muse; her shabby fur coats and grubby eyeliner exactly what the industry wants to achieve right now. We don’t disagree, but we think the much-missed Deirdre Barlow is an even more apt inspiration: she did oversized glasses and prim blouses on a 1970s north-of-England budget while Anderson was still in short trousers.

3. The fantasy ride

This Ford Fairlane 66, seen with Lara Stone in the current H&M advert, encapsulates all you need to know