After starting NetworkManager and selecting the SkyLink connection: Here is a relevant modem-manager –debug output: During help session I found that it is possible to specify correct port via udev rule, but only for ZTE plugin. The same applies to ADUA – see comment 7. NetworkManager Show other bugs. One of them does not work obviously. Does that one work?

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Comment 8 Miroslav Pragl CHAP authentication succeeded Jan 20 Here is the modem-manager output: Looks like ModemManager tries both serial ports and modem doesn’t like it. Both guys confirms that modem worked with NetworkManager using hal and stopped working with modem-manager and udev.

Probably it makes sense to move this functionality to Generic plugin, so it will allow users to use unsupported modems for now, while proper plugin is not there yet. Can you reboot again and ee100a a few times and confirm that things work as expected?


Login [x] Log in using an account from: My service plan does not include 1x option and, according to the statistics from my account page, the traffic goes exclusively over EV-DO indeed. CDMA modem connection failed: Modem hangup Jan 20 I’ll make it possible for plugins to override the CSS request during registration anydatz checking.

Comment 13 Vassily Gavrilyak Comment 21 Igor Bukanov Comment 40 Fedora Update System Comment 35 Dan Williams Comment 15 Dan Williams Comment 27 Igor Bukanov During one of the attempts to connect the NetworkManager even managed to get IP addresses, but then NetworkManager terminated the connection: I’m developing an AnyData plugin for modem-manager that we can use to test.

CDMA modems usually only have one AT-capable port, and the other ports use a Qualcomm proprietary “diagnostic mode” that is not well documented or reverse-engineered. So it’s not surprising that you can’t use minicom to talk to ttyUSB1. Comment 43 Vassily Gavrilyak Attachments Terms of Use Add an attachment proposed patch, testcase, etc.


Comment 17 Dan Williams Comment 42 Igor Bukanov Comment 7 Igor Bukanov Search on forum revelead this: Comment 26 Dan Williams So it looks like sometimes modem works one way and sometimes different way. Here is a relevant modem-manager –debug output: We probably need to write anyydata anyway, but it would be good to figure out what the issue is first.

Comment 20 Igor Bukanov In Fedora the NetworkManager could not initialize the modem properly and log contains: But after I rebooted the computer everything has started to work.