Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius et Subscriptor. Please answer the following questions -. Fri Oct 12, 1: By joining our community you will have the ability to post topics, receive our newsletter, use the advanced search, subscribe to threads and access many other special features. Hey life would be dull without problems! A spontaneous reboot occurred during the Linux boot process right after, so the issue is there, and it doesn’t look like the RAM is at fault. I replaced the PSU with a cheap W unit that had a pin motherboard connector rather than the pin motherboard connector of the Echostar.

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Getting Linux to Run on Intel DG33FB Motherboard

Unfortunately, while it runs with the occasional spontaneous reboot atit refused to POST atand I had to switch the CMOS configuration jumper to maintenance mode and revert the changes to the timings to be able to even POST. Linuux had been running with the aforementioned ATX12V 1. Tue Oct 09, 9: All of the experimentation was done on my development box. Join Date Aug Beans 5. Installing the DIMM in any of the slots would result in a memory-bad beep code, llinux I sent it back for RMA my parents were here during the summer and I sent it back with dg33f.


I’d also recommend reading up a bit on a dual boot, or wubi install before you click on the “install” icon. The above is how I pin pointed that issue.

I’ve stepped back to two DIMMs until the power supply gets here. Hence my report on an Intel 3-series chipset in February Though I didnt do much testing, I can see from event viewer Logs.

Thank you for reporting this problem; it helps make Ubuntu better. It doesn’t help much to know there’s an issue with the whole system. This is budget RAM marked for operation at 1. Of course I said yes. I bought some cheap PQI mem, out of 4 dimms, one wouldnt even run at the speed it was rated at.

August 12th, 2.

Originally posted by chalex: Sat Jun 23, 4: Not saying it supports linux is very different from saying that is doesnt support linux. There is an option to enable UEFI boot. I didnt do any bios updates.


How can install LINUX on Desktop Boards DG33FB and DG33BU

d33fb Ensure that each dimm works. Not to mention the fact that apparently Intel refuses to support use of UEFI on their desktop motherboards. I couldn’t get it to spontaneously reboot, so the RAM indeed looks good. Linux and PC Boards. All times are GMT Yes flashing the bios to lates OCT release seems to fix the problems. Flex Memorywhich is marginally faster than single-channel, and much slower than symmetric dual-channel.

Find More Posts by carltm. Comment dv33fb this change optional. I’ll just buy the Dell special of the month.

It says to press F2 or F3 for more information. Be sure to also download the installation instructions and follow them to the letter.

Resume performance in particular on this hardware is pretty flaky though.