License is unclear and there is almost no documentation. The archive contains three files: After plugging you simply load it again from the command line. Except USB disks there are many of other devices supported but most of the modules serve more like programming examples about how to work with DOSUSB rather than being finished ready-to-use drivers. This is a problem mostly occurring in Win XP.

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They are comparable, both provide not only USB storage support but also USB keyboards, mice, printers and other devices. What is important – the modules for input devices mouse, keyboard and joystick and printers are fully working ready for every day use and transparent to DOS so everything works like normal legacy devices.

Useful Dos Files

You can even try to mix them with counterparts by Panasonic. SYS is just and outdated rebrand of usbaspi.

Recent Changes – Search: It implements only read access, no write support yet. OHCI is currently under development.

Most of them support only storage devices in one exception also mouse, in one other reportedly all and they are not intended dow be a general drivers for all USB disks. It is not only the mass storage driver but general low level driver for USB devices with various addons which support special devices like storage, printers, mouse, keyboard etc.


Recent Comments Forum is back again. However, it comes with several limitations: Developed by Panasonic in …, latest version seems to be 2. The drivers work in the background and are able to handle due than one USB device at the same time. There are various open bugs the author is aware of, and should be fixed in next version:.

Interesting DOS programs

Again, problem can be random just retry or persistent. Following vuse an incomplete list of USB flaws and problems that could or can be observed: No USB hub support. Also fragmentation and low free space can cause an additional slowdown. A good but rarely implemented idea is to additionally reveal speed mode USB 1 or USB 2for example by colour, or distinguish reads from writes.

ZIP has the lowlevel set aspiohciaspiuhci and aspiehci and the highlevel part guest. USB drivers sorted from ruse and best to oldest and most historical 2.

There used to be the Motto Hairu diver included but now you have to download it separately: Devices revealing this problem by isb activity light for example different colour for USB 1 vs USB 2 mode exist but are very rare. Of course a slow hard disk used as source or destination for copying will also ruin ueb performance. License is unclear and there is almost no documentation.


The lowlevel part is called sbp2aspi and the highlevel nj32disk.

USB Support for DOS

SYS or from command line. OFF when idle vs ON when idle, or even blinking already when idle faster when activeor failure to go OFF after device is ready for unplugging.

Historical pre-release news from —11— In some cases, a transfer performance much worse than expected can be observed. Any issues not working for your USB device may be reported to the developer and maybe he can provide an improved version. SYS itself is English.

Following is an incomplete list of USB flaws and problems that could or can be observed:. Obviously this is a driver bug, sub incompliant or defective USB device or transfer errors should not be able to cause such effects. Project site and download: