The test is included in the H2 download, see org. Let’s work to help developers, not make them feel stupid. When converting the scale of decimal data, the number is only converted if the new scale is smaller than the current scale. On many operating systems the access mode rws does not guarantee that the data is written to the disk. To make a view updatable, use an “instead of” trigger as follows: It is also possible to get the list of servers by using Connection. Please note that this SQL statement can only be executed before any tables are defined.

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SQL injection Watermark Attack Security problem of certain encryption programs where the existence of certain data can be proven without decrypting.

Using the random salt reduces the risk of an attacker pre-calculating hash values for many different commonly used passwords. Use the system properties h2.

Working with h2, odbc, and pivot tables : Mailing list archive : dhis2-users team in Launchpad

If multiple connections concurrently try to update the same row, odc database waits until it can apply the change, but at most until the lock timeout expires. Java strings are immutable objects and cannot be safely ‘destroyed’ by the application. H2 has experimental support for recursive queries using so called “common table expressions” CTE. The simplest way to enable the trace option is setting it in the database URL.


To find problems in an application, it is sometimes good to see what database operations datagase executed.

It’s possible to connect to an embedded H2 database via ODBC? – CodeProject

The MVCC mode is enabled by default in version 1. Here is a sample function to do this: Source code is usually passed as dollar ofbc text to avoid escaping problems, however single quotes can be used as well. In that case odbbc are split into files of 1 GB by default. To use the Oracle databaze, use the database URL jdbc: H2 Database Browser Browse H2 database objects such as tables, views, system tables, columns, primary and foreign keys, and procedures.

That means only one row with NULL in one of the columns is allowed. Restricting Class Loading and Usage By default there is no restriction on loading classes and executing Java code for admins. For more information see Durability Problems. To view the statements that are executed against the target table, set the trace level to 3.

It’s possible to connect to an embedded H2 database via ODBC?

When converting a floating point number to an integer, the fractional datxbase are not be truncated, but the value is rounded. In H2, after a power failure, a bit more than one second of committed transactions may be lost.

Sometimes the database password needs to be stored in fatabase configuration file for example in the web. The instance of that class will be created by H2 and used to: Connection Modes The following connection modes are supported: It might be simpler to avoid backslashes in folder names for this reason; use forward slashes instead.


If one server fails power, hardware or network failurethe other server can still fatabase to work. By default all classes are allowed.

No tables or views with the name of the table expression may exist. To filter the Java source code, use the ConvertTraceFile tool as follows: Functions Throwing an Exception If a function throws an exception, then the current statement is rolled back and the exception is thrown to the application. For persistent databases, the setting is stored in the database and re-used when the database is opened the next time.

Settings in the URLs are not case sensitive. Identifiers may be quoted using square brackets as in [Test].

H2 Database Query Tool Features

Use the same URL for all connections to this database. So the situation is confusing, and tests prove there is a problem.

The combination of user-password hash value see above and salt is hashed using SHA With constants, typos are found at compile time, the source code is easier to understand and change.