The specific problem is with transmitted data. To configure the driver, use the sethdlc utility available in the standard ax25 utilities package. If you compile it as a module by saying M instead of Y , it will be called dmascc. The flavor of Linux is Gentoo 2. I finally finished the update to kernel 2. It is as if the packets are empty by the time that they reach the radio for transmission.

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And still no joy. The driver supports the ser12 design in full-duplex mode.

axspawn (8) – Linux Man Pages

This driver can operate multiple boards simultaneously. In addition, it allows the baudrate to be set between and baud however not all modems support all baudrates. I wonder if “baycom-com2” can be a real valid port name. I can never remember whether connect mode ie “call” runs on top of the IP interface or at a layer beneath Thinking in terms of checking that AX25 is working in the kernel properly. Problems that are fixed in the 2.


This looks like the right stuff. If unsure, say N. Ended up running setserial and turning the serial port “off” before use. The network interfaces will be called dmascc0 and dmascc1 for the board detected first, dmascc2 and dmascc3 for the second one, and so on.

This is the old driver. Before you configure each interface with ifconfig, you MUST set certain parameters, such as channel access timing, clock mode, and DMA channel.

Bob Nielsen If you compile it as a module by saying M instead of Yit will be called dmascc. The flavor of Linux is Gentoo 2. I think there is also a ham radio version if AX25 support isnt in the original.

axspawn – Allow automatic login to a Linux system. – Linux Man Pages (8)

If in doubt, say Y. I guess that when I was typing, my brain was faster than bps AX. They are detected automatically. Post linyx data ham Yeah, that is what I meant. Retrieved from ” http: Mine have always been real short names like “radio”. Post by data ham After much searching and gleaning of details from various on-line docs, including the AX.


The driver supports the EPP designs.

The specific problem is with transmitted data. Post by Bob Bob Since the whole thing should be synchronous at bps I’d start looking for any inter bit delays that may be being introduced.

How to configure the Linux kernel/drivers/net/hamradio

I need it for a trip that I will be taking. Joseph Fenn Please be sure to get at least version 1. Bsycom think the kernel module allows you to change the buffer size but I havent checked this. The driver supports the picpar and par96 designs.

The best that I can tell, the end of the line for the serial baycoms was the 2. It’s a damn shame. Post by data ham Just in case anyone is interested.