Since it does not have anything unwanted out of the box, Tiny Core Linux is fast and responsive. Which ones have you had problems with? USB drives that stretch into the hundreds of gigabytes still remain an expensive proposition though. You can add and store your online accounts on it. After all the tweaking, customizing and installing additional applications a user can turn the by-product into their Linux distro using the remastering tool.

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The GParted Live CD is a simple Linux distro you can use to change the size of your partitions — or wipe a drive entirely. Live Linux systems have advanced since then. If you have skipped step 2, you can also make partitions in this window.

But how does this actually work in practice?

LinuxLive USB Creator

Read Morewhich is an increasingly common feature on laptops. I tried to install Slacko Puppy 6.

If you want to be anonymous you can use Tails, a Debian base distro that uses Tor for anonymous browsing.

Since it does not have anything unwanted out of the box, Tiny Core Linux is fast and responsive. You can also subscribe without commenting.


How to Install Ubuntu Yes I could use mac-pup, but it so limited only one application per function. Linuxofru is a 64 bit multiuser Linux distro and a derivative of Puppy Linux. June 16, June 16, This Linux distro is considered as Hacker favorite, meant for security testing. Bilibop software for debian distros on synaptic manager will do this.

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Subscribe to Free Newsletter. The above suggested distros are cool, but I would like to suggest some other: Don’t ask me why! I prefer smaller distros like Slax or DSL.

Finally, the user can customize the system password and boot behavior of the OS. Since it packs more application than Puppy Linux, it is heavier than the same but is not the heaviest of all. All Linux Mac Windows. Linux distro does all these and still manage to be light enough to be carried on a USB flash drive.

I use a persistent xubuntu live on my 64gb USB. Linufxoru me about what it is and why in the comments below.

I think you may have forgotten how to count. What I use most these days however is an external harddisk with Ubuntu. It boots fast and runs fast.


Consider also that kernel partition is ISO formatted, so during the update a re-write of this partition is performed. Puppy runs entirely in RAM, and saves to the stick only periodically, every 30 minutes or so, so ueb stick will last far longer.

LinuxLive USB Creator

Well, I repair PCs and I use to keep in my pocket a multiboot USB with tons of tools which can help me to solve most of the problems I face almost every day. Fits easily on a USB drive. December 21, at 7: Parrot OS is another distro which combines anonymous browsing and pentesting.

Learn how your comment data is processed. One of the downsides of being so small is that it packs no applications, no file manager or so. Nearly all of them work perfectly.