This one I bought as a gift for my best friend. So are any of these independently programmable or do they require a PC to program I use mine on the PS4. I have lots of message mixes like “Wow you’re hot” and “That’s remarkable” conserved up as well as connected to 10 different switches and once i click on the remarks area on facebook i just push a button and its done! Nevertheless, this judgment is as subjective as the rest of this web-portal, so if you really want to buy it, then go ahead. The higher the typing speed is, the brighter the buttons are lit.

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Use the optional Logitech Gaming Software to perfectly match its commands to your favorite games. Yet after using it with Premiere, after results and also photoshop, i started to use it with word and also succeed as well for my letters as well as billings and also after that i gone on to also utilizing it to start my firefox internet browser and also examine my book marks and also now i even use it on facebook!!!

The sheer number of buttons means that the G13 comes with a significant learning curve, as well as pre-game setup. The G13 joystick is indeed analog, just set it as a “joystick” on the key configuration and if the game support an analog joystick it will work. Read all the customer reviews to learn more.


Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard Review & Rating |

Also, I think my friend is a rage gamer with little respect for his stuff spoiled kid and upon not winning he broke one of the keys.

The pad is not analog and as jigs says, is not mechanical neither it is on any of the razers, only the g13 has an analog joystick. Show less Show more. Different colors may be chosen for different profiles for easier navigation.

But pogitech device would suit most, if not everyone.

Had it for almost 2 years. Modular buttons, analog control sticks, removable panels, and other features will contribute to your better comfort and to gaining maximum pleasure. Performance MX and K keyboard lasted 3 years before getting stolen.

This is the feature I have been waiting years for. This item doesn’t belong on this page. Second Performance MX mouse, had it for about 2 years now. You can create up to 75 unique functions to simplify your commands as you play.

G13 Advanced Gameboard Improved position. Increased control. Advanced science. Unrivaled game.

Apart from the actual keypad, you will be supplied with a driver CD and the software for it. Just a heads up. The G13 hamepad has a small backlit LCD display that is used for on-the-fly macro recording, monitoring system data, including CPU and RAM usage, and stopwatch or countdown clock for timing maneuvers.

Also shop in Also shop in. Following the curved contours of the keypad is a built-in wrist and palmrest. In addition, you can have as many local profiles as you want. These modes let you set all the parameters at once and switch between them later on.


For those who want analog control rather than push-button WASD, the joystick may just what you’ve been looking for, but I never could manage the complex task of simultaneously using the joystick with my thumb and the keypad with my fingers. I wasn’t assuming I would certainly use those, yet I was entirely wrong. This model is difficult or impossible to program.

Logitech G13

We won’t even be able to change the colours. K – Been using it on my personal computer cheap and available at the time – about to upgrade and gets a couple logihech of gaming a night for the last 6 months. Browse Related Browse Related. Skip to main content.

What did the rest not like? Make it yours—simply Use the optional Logitech Gaming Software to perfectly match its commands to your favorite games. The W key interrupts the top row of keys, which sucks.

The model should initially fit your anatomical features which would then make it unique, or it should be adjusted which is more appropriate.