My old bluetooth optical mouse works much better than this, but it sucks up batteries like hell. I noticed Logitech has setup a phone number exclusively for customers with this problem. Some are simply awesome, others difficult to live with. With enhanced image contrast enabling a 20x improvement, the laser mouse can track on surfaces where the LED mouse cannot. The mx might look sexy, and be the first mouse to boast this new lazer technology, but all that equates to the best part of sod all if the mouse doesn’t even function properly! If you are scrolling a long document you get down maybe a page and a half and suddenly it jumps to the top again. A little bit of sweat, and the logo wears off, almost completely.

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Logitech Mx1000 Wireless Laser Cordless Mouse Pc/mac

I did what Logitech said, and reloaded the Setpoint software, but that didn’t help. I have to admit that I have a EMI source I think needs moving sub wooferand perhaps this is why the curser becomes ‘swimmy’ and sometimes does not respond at all.

But then, again like others here, the erratic movement started.

Lamptron FC SE fan controller. I can normally fix it by hitting both reset buttons bottom of mouse and base md1000. Well, after a week, I have to admit that I am very impressed.


One nice addition over other mice however is coreless battery indicator. You may want to try this. I was unable to use any of my mouse’s buttons other then the two main ones. Motion is quite smooth, but it randomly clicks buttons itself or sometimes doesn’t notice when the buttons are really clicked.

Software looks bit awkward but is works.

Logitech Mx1000 Laser Cordless Mouse 931175-0403

The distance between mouse and the base station is merely meters. As a gamer, it is quite the drag to find your self not being able to control your mouse, or worse yet, the mouse controlling you, eg: Some people report this mouse something behaves strange. First thing that went was the left mouse button. That tells me that it’s a problem with the hardware receivers in the mouse or basestation and not really a software problem.

DV Hardware – Privacy statement All logos and trademarks are property of their respective owner. God knows why Logitech chose to engineer all these features out of their software: Maybe something to do with interference, although I moude to move the base station away from TV, computer etc, but didn’t help.

FastRF cordless performance that equals a USB corded connection, more info about mz1000 technology here. Think graphics and desktop publishing rather than word documents and emails. My problem is that it has started to lose it’s connection to the base station on a regular basis. That means 3 years in store exchange for the same model or the one that replaces it.


Logitech Mx Laser Cordless Mouse | eBay

Initially they had promised miuse dayz and they had no repentence on their words. I have exchanged this mouse at the store where it was purchased and am currently attempting to return it a second time.

If anyone knows who Logitech’s registrar is, they should post that as well so consumers can contact the registrar directly with these complaints and unresolved issues to force some action on Logitech’s part.

This mouse is terrible. Last time i buy any of your products! Have assigned buttons 3 buttons for use in windows and 5 for games.

Again I took it apart and cleaned it and now it works perfectly again. Battery is fully charged. You can have a lser mouse, or a jumpy mouse, settings don’t allow for anything in between. When I got it home its size was a small problem for me, but after reading the instructions, I learned the proper way to hold the mouse.

No lights, no nothing. In this review we’ll take a closer look to see Logitech’s promises xm1000 true.