Its strange that an ankle injury can manifest itself in an area so far away. Former QSPI driver was removed from the release. Call history is now displayed correctly for all tasks in both classic CodeWarrior and CodeWarrior version A trivial Hello World application using a single task. Freescale Semiconductor Japan Ltd. In order to fetch one bit value instruction from the MRAM memory, four accesses need to occur — each inserting one wait-state clock.

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MQX User Guide and several other documents are included in the setup package. This enhancement will simplify the application code error recovery.

CodeWarrior 10 Flash programming process is flecxan trivial. The MFS is based on the version 2. GPIO interrupt callbacks now work properly on these platforms.

Shows MQX multitasking and inter-process communication using standard objects like semaphores, events or messages. If you have problems just contact me.


Algorithm for baud rate calculation was changed to find closest match instead of closest-lower rate as flexacn was before. See known issues related to this Beta version in sections 6.


Ethernet to PHDC bridge. UDP-based interprocessor communication demonstration. It makes no sense to write your own when the semi companies are falling over themselves to provide flecan to you, usually in a way that makes them easy to use with any compiler and any kernel.

ENET driver concept of device context locking was enhanced from global interrupt disable to lwsem-based locking. Potentially this also solves problems in case the watchdog uses other timer than the main BSP tick timer. You need to rebuild all libraries after the update.

Default values of both configuration options are defined such that backward compatibility is not affected. A trivial Hello World application using a single task.

After any change to the compile-time user configuration file or MQX kernel source files, the MQX libraries need to be re-built.

The reasons could be following: Most of the features missing in the previous release of the ADC driver were implemented. The header file I used has a copyright notice in, but no license terms are stated at all.

Posted by Erik Agerup on September 8, As a result, there is no performance issue observed with Linuxbased browsers Mozilla Firefox tested. Posted by Richard on September 1, ENET MAC interface structure was extended to support both generic and devicespecific control commands so-called media control commands.


UART-based interprocessor communication demonstration. Creates virtual mouse which keeps moving in square loop, pixels in size.

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USB Host is a simple application able to detect devices attached to the host port or devices attached through USB hub. Linux is more aggressive in acknowledging packets, and temporarily disables the delayed ACK algorithm on connection startup. Non-cached memory pool allocation API added. As a consequence, interrupt controller looses the information about what was the source of the fllexcan.

The key changes were implemented in the file fio.

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A support for memory-optimized handling of small frames was also added. It is required to have MQX 3.

The directory structure is briefly described in the picture below.