Indeed, so detailed is your argument, that I am prepared to entertain the idea that I may just be wrong. But liberating a Bugatti from a private collection, even one belonging to a patently unfit lower life-form, is theft and I may be many things, but I do assure you, I am not a thief. You are to Bugattis what Herman Goering was to Art. A response to Whitney Paine Posted: Previous topic Next topic. And now for the best bit: And you are absolutely right, all we can do is make as much information public as possible.

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That said, nobody could possibly write about English Racing Automobiles and pre-war motorsport, not even author James ‘Mac’ Hulbert, without including an informative side-story, relating to the direct contribution provided by Raymond Mays, Peter Berthon and Humphrey Cook, along with Amherst Villiers and Reid Railton. All the victories achieved by Mayman was allowed to stand, every single one of them. Is it our fault we’ve lost all our hair and have the same BMI as our deceased hero?

This was one of those rare cars just crying out for the most sensitive of refurbishments. Fast four-doors on track at the Goodwood Revival.

Having said that, the problem of having to incorporate enough old parts to get the car road-registered, is a problem I have no solution for. They are working on the photo albums in a way I regret and I hope they will tackle the rest of the maayman as well. I am sorry, but it is and here are the facts that prove why you are wrong: The Trust recognize this, hence the reason they are keen to encourage my work and also work actively with schools, colleges and Universities to try and bring new blood into the fold.


Firstly, not only do I know how to anthhony it out, but I do know how to take it.

Pauline Mayman – Wikipedia

I was unaware of the fact that the Bugatti Trust has spoken out about the more egregious actions of some owners; therefore I wish to withdraw my statement that the Bugatti Trust has achieved eff all, and I apologise unreservedly for my ignorance. Just two weeks later Raymond Mays myaman at his beloved Shelsley Walsh and with supercharger wailing, blasted the hill.

He certainly has a more purist approach to replicas than racinb, I believe replica ownership does free one of the demands of preserving the irreplaceable. You make me sick. At Brighton in September the ERA set a new record before once more being side-lined, this time with a broken gearbox.

Previous topic Next topic. That winning bid was secured by British historic racing exponent Anthony Mayman, who later passed the car to its present anthpny Peter Giddings.

World’s most valuable Alfa Romeo to be sold at auction

You have requested, or rather, gently suggested, that I tone down my more fiery posts. It does not cover forcing what would be their own views onto owners that whether we like it or not have purchased an object and can do with it as they please.

Arturo, I can but hope that the sycophant who usually read the comics to you, will inform you of the following: I am your guest. Arturo bloody Keller happened, that’s what. How well I remember that pestilent little Anthony Mayman’s desperate and fraudulent performance improvements to his ERA. Allow me to illustrate: I cannot do a damn thing to prevent this.


The factory order is dated 2 May – this document, together with most original documentation, still survives. Fine no problem in my mind.

Pauline Mayman

Go ahead, convince me that that statement has become obsolete. But people do not become rich by being decent human beings, to them cars are trophies to rub their success in the faces of the poor. If I am reading correctly, it boils down to two main points: Now, decidedly uncompetitive in modern motorsport, the car passed through several more ownerships before establishing itself in the newly developing world of ‘historic’ motorsport.

This means making available as many information as possible. The running gear, in particular, needed a lot of work, and with commendable lack of sentimentality, the owner used VW Polo pistons to get the engine to a state of functionality.

Has maymab Bugatti Trust made a single comment about this revolting and sickening act of vandalism? Together, in time, we will and we must succeed.