Si los puentes JL1 y JR1 son cortos, tanto el conector de audio del panel frontal como del panel posterior pueden funcionar. This cap must be placed if returning the motherboard for after service. The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know. Do NOT place jumper caps over these headers and connectors. Assicurarsi che il lato del cavo con la striscia rossa sia inserito nel lato Pin1 del connettore.

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ASRock i65G Motherboard 15 2. Page 11 – Conclusion. This header supports an optional wireless transmitting and receiving infrared module.

Acer 8I945AE 775 Intel 945 FSB 1066 Ddr2 667 VGA Glan SATA IDE Maxt

Se il processore si surriscalda, il sistema si chiude automaticamente. Rotate the fastener clockwise, then press down on fastener caps with thumb to install and lock. The gaming performance benchmarks from Anandtech were pretty good.

Page 8 – Benchmarks Page 9 – Benchmarks cont.

Che consente connessione facile e controllo dei dispositivi audio. Por favor lembrese de remover o jumper depois de limpar o COMS.


Make sure the red-striped side of the cable is plugged into Pin1 side of the connector. What is your biggest Pentium 4 Collection? This cap must fsb11066 placed if returning the motherboard for after service. Then, the drivers compatible to your system can be auto-detected and listed on the support CD driver page.

It should be done at your own risk and expense. ASRock i65G Motherboard 31 1. Asdock Management para USB 2. NON installare cappucci per jumper su questi collettori e connettori. Therefore, the drivers you install can work properly. The GTX is capable of far more than fps. Faute de quoi, il ne sera pas possible de mettre sous tension. Page 10 – Benchmarks cont. Fasten the card to the chassis with screws.

It may cause permanent damage! ASRock assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions that may appear in this guide.

Aunque esta placa base ofrece un control fsb10066, no es recomendable forzar la velocidad. DRAM ratio to 3: To avoid damaging the motherboard components due to static electricity, NEVER place your motherboard directly on the carpet or the like.


With the exception of Nature, your scores are extremely close to mine. Per cancellare e ripristinare i parametri del sistema, spegnere il computer e togliere il cavo di alimentazione dalla presa di corrente.

ASRock > Twins-HDTV

I also had the aerock sata2 board some years back and it was awesome, good board for little money. Staa collegamento non adeguato del pannello anteriore audio e del suo connettore potrebbe causare danni permanenti a questa scheda madre. Remove the system unit cover if your motherboard is already installed in a chassis. Failure to do so may cause physical injuries to you and damages to motherboard components. Unplug the power cord from the wall socket before touching any component.

I have the ”agp and ddr1 only” version: