Second, make sure the power button on the dashboard has not been set to off for the model C6, the power button is displayed in the lower left area of the screen; for the model C4, the power button is displayed in the lower right area of the dashboard. Beamz Player Model C4 users: Oh yeah, I did. Check that your computer is not on mute and that the volume levels are appropriate. There is more to the Beamz than just triggering sequenced sounds. The ability to create live remixes of popular songs is one of the most powerful skills a DJ can have. It stands over 17 inches in height

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Support | Beamz : Beamz

There’s a neat song called Shadows that has a curious beam called “Conductor”. The interface of the software is intuitive and straight forward.

This may happen if the arms of the beams are not firmly connected to the base. This unfortunately happens if a unit was handled improperly somewhere in the shipping process.

Beamz C 6 Interactive Laser Music System Instrument W 100 Sound Variations

Beamz software applications require that Microsoft. The Beamz is an instrument that makes its presence known. The whole time you’re watching this film, you’re still not sure what is going to happen at the end.

There are no speakers on the Beamz.

You sense when a musical flourish or melodic solo is supposed to happen, and it’s up to you to trigger the sounds. Now reconnect your Beamz back to your computer.

The theremin, ‘s coolest electronic instrument. I just installed a song that I downloaded from the Beamz web site and it is not available in my master playlist.


The company that makes the Beamz created a program called Beamz Outreach, which promotes their product by putting these units in hospitals.

However, when you press play, waving your hand in front of the Conductor beam launches a note of dramatic sounding strings.

Not only will you find 6c improvisational material like the included songs, but you can also buy well-known hit songs that you can remix on the fly. Once you work your way through the included 30 songs, you’ll likely find some things that you like and others that don’t quite do it for you.

The theremin, ‘s coolest electronic instrument It was fun to play the included cc6 a few times, but I tend to like to get under the hood and strive for originality. If the Beamz software is open, close the application, then re-open the Beamz application and the song should be available in your master list. Once installed your Beamz application will open and work accordingly.

Assuming that your software and hardware have been installed properly and the Beamz was veamz before just fine, it is likely that one or more of the laser beam sensors are being flooded by an external light source. You simply click on the “Playlists” button and select which song you want to load.

It makes you feel like you’re creating the soundtrack of a dramatic film with lots of twists and turns. Two of the songs that are included act as “live loopers”, which enable you to layer sounds on top of one another. And did I mention that the Beamz equips you with six real lasers? d6

This is an error encountered by XP users with systems running. So if your bassoon is gathering dust in a closet somewhere, and you were only ever able to make cc6 screech like a creaky door in a horror movie anyway, you should check out the Beamz and discover a fun new approach to music making. Much like the popular bdamz games Guitar Hero and Rock Band, the basic idea behind the Beamz is to set you up with a rhythmic backing track, and let you trigger sounds to the music.


Disconnect your Beamz from your computer, remove the arms and then reinsert into the base.

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Just click OK and the software will continue to load, but the Beamz unit will not come on. Latest Discussions Mila M. It stands over 17 inches in height Oh yeah, I did.

And there can be so much music and giggling, it’s lively and fun,” says Megan Goodman, Senior Educator at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Connecting the Beamz to a USB hub may cause latency in music playback; moreover, performance may vary with different USB hub products from different manufacturers.

First, make sure the song was installed into the same folder where your other Beamz songs are stored. Make sure your Beamz unit is on a flat, stable, level surface and the controller arms bsamz securely bramz into the Beamz base.

When doing so causes a kettle drum sample to thunder out of your speakers, it’s all the more satisfying.