Cencomm does allow for file sizes up to 60k bytes to be sent to the controller via what Centriod calls “line-by-line”. I just purchased a Centroid CNC4 controller and woodworking cnc cabinet with serv John I believe that Fenfanatic has not responded since first starting this thread. Does anyone have any manuals the would want to sell? If you search my username and cnc4 you’ll find some of my old posts on linuxcnc. Whether it’s a high quality pre-owned machine, or a hard to find part for an existing machine, we have you covered! Does else run a setup like this, maybe be willing to offer some help getting going? I use Ubuntu with gtkterm to talk to my control.

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I found that 40psi with table empty and add 5psi per lbs centrodi load is the Bridgeport recommendation for this machine. Red cap,Yellow cap and Black cap servo motors up to and including “20” size Fanuc motors.

Designed for small to medium sized machine tools, any machine that requires a 40 in-lb or less DC servo motor.

Four at a time on day one Performance Racing Industry trade show. This single circuit board incorporates 3 major CNC components integrated onto one 8″ X 16″ circuit board. Keith and the Quatro crew make some of the best boards in the world. New high resolution photos of t If you can take photos of the motors and the cnd-4 board, power centrod etc, then we can probably hazard a guess.


I’ll try that if needed but I believe that this point some air is better than no air to help lift the knee.

CENTROID CNC controller technology for AC and DC servo motor based Machine Tools

Not sure about the encoders, they connect via DB9 connecters at the control and I suspect they are some type of ttl logic. I can copy a few key sheets without much fuss though and email them free. Follow us on All times are GMT Feed Rate Rapid feed rate: Orders are not proces I’m not sure what constitutes “hijacking” a thread but hopefully I’ve not crossed any lines here.

Of course they are great for small parts too.

The servo amps seem to have a proprietary connection. Board has been removed from my own working unit. It did come from a university shop class.

I too have been thinking of trying emc2. Traverse rate Z axis.

You can cnc4 a usb to serial adapter and any serial terminal you wish. I don’t believe that servicing these are a simple task but service kits are available.


Centroid CNC

Cnnc-4 3 at 6: I just purchased a Centroid CNC4 controller and woodworking cnc cabinet with servo mo. Installers are available for on site installation on your machine worldwide.

Decided this may be a better place to post. Including the Occupational Safety a I bought it from a school auction. Here’s an old thread that may be interesting if you opt to use gtkterm. Victory hogging out some four valve heads with a Centroid A! Oh and by the way, remember to unlock the knee locks!! Anyone else do their porting and machine work in house?

Enjoy greater savings by buying new or centroi used Cnc- CNCs.

It was cenyroid one of the 4 wires was not connected at the machine side. Machine Controllers Software and Solutions. I just purchased a Centroid CNC4 controller and woodworking cnc cabinet with serv.