I had to make contact well out on the toe or way in on the heel before I could tell where the clubface met the ball. I switched from the Hibore XLS 9. Write a Review Rate This Product: For me the “traditional” looking driver heads don’t help me enough with alignment and I realize this is all in my head but it is what I am thinking at address nonetheless , and the totally square heads play mind games with me and make me think too much about club head alignment instead of just relaxing and taking a good swing. I used to hit a low cut with my nike sasquatch but now i hit a high draw 30 yards further this club.

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There might be nothing subtle about lxs but it gets the job done for you off the tee. I’m too ignorant clebeland a tech standpoint to convey exactly what the contributing factors might be; however, I have never, NEVER been able to drive the ball anywhere close to the distance I’m getting from this club. All above with Red Stiff stock shaft. Posted 29 March – Would you say it is a huge improvement over the HiBore XL?

Cleveland HiBore XLS Monster Tour Driver

Turned mine back in to the shop. My average drive was probably about yds. I felt like my average distance was hurt by not being able hibote freely release the club for fear of the hook.


The ball started going straight toru gaining the typical height of my drives. Tried all the newest stuff out there on the launch monitor and the Hi Bore XLS was showing the best results for me. It sounded like something had exploded at the bottom of the swing. Just picked one up and love it.

With this combo I hit piercing drives with nice trajectory and roll. Though the standard XLS is supposed to have a square clubface, it feels closed.

This club give me the the lowest spin and the best trajectory. Took it to the range today and was so LOUDmy first swing startled me a bit. Played my first round today with it and I absolutely crushed it down the middle! This factory clevelanc is pretty darn good Red stiff measures in at cpm not bad.

However, I currently have a Taylor Made R Clevsland was difficult to tell center contact, because every hit felt pretty much the same. Posted 01 April – I loved this driver from the first swing but wanted to wait to post a review since with some new purchases there is the “honeymoon” effect.

Overall, the XLS only wants to go straight via a cut swing.

Cleveland HiBore Monster XLS Driver Review – Golfalot

I’m as shocked as I am ecstatic. Once I started setting up for a big cut but lining it up to go straightI began to hit fairways pretty consistently. Anothe HUGE thumbs up for this driver: Advertise with us Privacy Terms.


I purchased mine a few years ago. I am able to turn it over but I feel like I have to work my hands too hard. Cleveland is placing titanium spines inside the clubhead to direct impact energy to the ball to create more efficient energy transfer and high ball speeds from impact locations.

Flight was a bit high so I bought a XL 8.

Cleveland HiBore XLS Tour Driver Review – Golfalot

Actually this is my only criticism so far – it’s a little harder to ‘feel’ your mishits than last year’s model. I kinda liked it oh well.

I wish Cleveland would make a 17 deg fairway wood in the XLS technology; it would be a winner. I got the XLS Draw 9 degree with the stiff red shaft.

This thing is off the chain.