I do understand your concerns, I really do. Jun 26, 6: Comment 7 Alex Thurgood But the key is that at heart your application runs in the browser, and talks to any type of web server that you wish to connect to. In my case I would only use maybe two. That’s defintely not the case.

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It should only be the “paid up” user that gets direct access to NexusDB for support issues. SubversionGitSource Search. People provide trial versions or free software with our ODBC driver odgc in. I do understand your concerns, I really do. We introduced distribution licenses for NEW customers about 9 to 10 months ago.

This program provides developers of add-on solutions with a full set of resources for creating, testing and supporting their applications.

The license is not really unclear about it cause distribution is distribution, no matter if it’s a trial or not. Jun 26, 6: That would not odgc acceptable for me at all. Version 2 is a big step forward.

Database adapter components are also provided for exposing custom data sources as Elevate Web Builder datasets. Which is what LibreOffice is complaining about.


[DB-SIG] Acessing DBISAM files via mxODBC

You can use a ODBC bridge for example: I don’t know, sorry. This software may only be used odhc part of, and in connection with, the bundled odvc. If you developers buy a copy of ODBC driver you are allowed to use it only at your office for seats Are the developers here aware of this change? Is this a valid catalog, schema, table triple for a valid table of a valid database? That is in my opinion very expansive and the cost is more than the price I qpply to my customers for my application.

If so, I’ve tried the same thing to little or no avail.


You must distribute the redistributables only in conjunction with and as a part of a software application developed by you that adds significant and primary functionality to this eleatesoft and that is developed with the potential to operate with NexusDB Server.

No, I am not aware of any changes to the above.

Submit a new text post. Elevate Software “Elevate Software” wrote in message news: Either way, you have a great deal of flexibility. Instead of doing eelevatesoft, I would have to create a separate ODBC installation package for my application for those who want it, but this would seem to be in violation of the part of the license that says that I have to deploy it with my application.


In fact, if this were the case, I would rather NexusDB simply create the installation package and sell it directly to my customer. EWB is elevatwsoft worth a good look though for anyone familiar with the Delphi language who wants high level development for applications running in the browser.

I can see your point here. This article has not yet been rated. Comment 3 Alex Thurgood Back to Thread List. Want to add to slevatesoft discussion?

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Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Comment 7 Alex Thurgood As per your problem is concerned, each table that has BLOB fields must have a. PHP submitted 9 years ago by mamlambo.