Xbox One X tips and tricks: Subscribe to our weekly newsletter today. Intel Announces Notebook Processor Innovations. Where to Buy Loading, please wait The Genius ErgoMedia features a comfortable non-slip wrist rest designed to support the palms and wrists during extended and intense game play.

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The reason for the comfort is the unique hand friendly design, everything has been laid out so that you get the maximum amount of key combo usage with the minimum amount of hand movement.

Do a little frantic keyboard cashing for half and hour and the discomfort factor kicks in and your fingers really start to flag. Become a battle royale master. A cool gadget for the committed PC gamer looking for some much needed finger comfort, but cannot totally replace a standard keyboard and ergimedia combo.

Genius Ergomedia 500 controller

The Ergomediaon the other hand, has been designed solely for playing games and as a result is as comfortable as an old woolly bobble hat, no matter how long you are killing monsters or surveying enemy territory. The Genius ErgoMedia features a comfortable non-slip wrist rest designed to support the palms and wrists during extended and intense game play.

Trouble is, if you prefer to use your own soundcard and audio setup then you have to fiddle around after installation as the process disables these by default, requiring a visit to the Windows sound settings configuration screen. I am not the greatest fan of PC gaming on the planet. The open design of the Genius Vibration Ergomefia headset allows gamers to play for hours with maximum comfort.


Ergomediq your genre of choice is crosswords, hangman or sudoku of course.

Toshiba Tecra M9 Notebook Announced. I say pretty much because there was a little problem with the audio setup that is probably worth explaining.

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Genius ErgoMedia USB Speed Control Pad and Magic Touch for Gaming | eBay

Throw the support for recording and playback of macro sequences 11 programmable keys into the mix, and you have some seriously flexible key bashing available without any finger twisting to speak of.

Intel Announces Notebook Processor Innovations. How to upgrade your Xbox One storage by ergojedia or more: The real trouble is that this an additional peripheral rather than a keyboard replacement.

PUBG Mobile tips and tricks: Reviews Around the Web: Where to Buy Loading, please wait Best upcoming Xbox One games to look forward to in and beyond. The Genius Vibration HSV is a vibrating headset featuring a microphone with volume and bass control.

Apart from that, and given a good few nights spent away from the PS3 and game playing on the PC, it has to be said that the Genius Ergomedia was a sheer delight to use once you get used to the layout of the keys and buttons. 50 fact that I have just srgomedia the cash for a PlayStation 3 tends to suggest I prefer my game playing fix on a dedicated console.

You still need one of those for typing messages and various generic online game controls such as entering an IP address or dropping out of the action as therefore is no ESC key on the Ergomedia.


Genius ErgoMedia – gamepad – wired Overview – CNET

And that, dear reader, is where the Genius Ergomedia enters the review equation. Genius Ergomedia controller deals. Designed to work as a standalone product or in tandem with the on-board headset jack for VoIP in games and programmable keys for rapid movement makes the device ideal for any PC or Internet gaming enthusiast.

I have had to plug in a USB keyboard to my PS3 to enable much easier text entry, which is ironic because it is the use of a keyboard during game play that turns me off the most when it comes to the PC. The Vibration HSV wireless headset takes game play to the next level with enhanced acoustics and deep bass resonance.

Genius ErgoMedia 500 Game pad and HS-04V Vibration Headset Announced

Related Items New Products. Don’t miss an update! Xbox One X tips and tricks: You see this strange big plastic glove of a device comes with its own sound card built-in which, when coupled with the integrated headphone and mic sockets, ergomediq absolutely perfect for in-game headset use.