Just today I got a solution with support of our IT-Support department. Download the mySQL connector tar. I use SoapUI Pro 5. KingRao 7 9. But when i tried integrating it with maven getting the same error again. To resolve this problem, ensure that your client and server use the same security mechanism. DB2 was ugpraded and its packages are not rebound correctly.

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If your application server does not disconnect all connections from the database to allow rollback, the ended transaction persists in locking the same database records. Ensure that the injection statements are at “class level”. This user is not allowed to connect to DB2, resulting in the previously shown exception.

If you are working within an authoring environment, you can also see a data source for publishing data. From these nodes, DB2 can find the host name and port number where your database is hosted. The error message that includes the codes can typically resemble the following message, which identifies a failed connection that is caused by onit invalid user ID or password: You have two options: Verify that they are correct.

All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. This step is not necessary for DB2 v8.


Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Because a lock contention exception can be caused by many factors, consider the following explanation and recommended response as a strategy for eliminating the possible reasons for your lock contention problem. Most WebSphere Commerce utilities that require a database connection are updated to connect to the database through the database connection acquisition framework.

By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you drv read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Could anyone help me on this?

Troubleshooting: Database connectivity for DB2 databases

During this period of inaction, the transaction continues to hold locks on the database. I can only see to mention host,port and DB.

But this is not error from coding logic For more information on the testConnection command, see Test connection service. The following code block is an example of this exception: Data access problems for Sybase data sources.

Data access problems for DB2 databases

For example, if the DB2 client is ddvr installed in the comnection that was specified during WebSphere Commerce installation.

This framework is a unified database connection method that ensures that each utility and Ant task can reference a single class to configure the acquisition of a database connection, regardless of the JDBC driver that a database uses. Can anyone please tell me what is wrong DB2 Connection Driver Error. This command shows the lists of registered nodes. The exception I get is Tue Nov 08 Validate the DB2 client environment access Ensure that you can connect to your DB2 client environment from the WebSphere Commerce non-root user wasuser profile.


Solved: Failed to initialize the connection that uses the – SmartBear Community

Review and verify the connection settings for this data source. Thanks for your support. This might be the problem if your fai,ed is correct but you still receive this error. Failed to connect to the DataSource.

Look for an application handle that has a lock-wait status, and then look for the ID of the agent holding lock to verify the ID of the agent. If you do not include your database user name and password, DB2 authenticates your access by using your operating system user credentials. Review and verify the type 4 driver connection type settings.