By clicking ‘Sign up’, I consent to the collection and use of the information being provided in accordance with the Privacy Policy. Native, optimized connections with both your existing database and SQL. Microsoft Access or Borland Delphi can be used to merge DataFlex data with other data sources to produce complex reports, or to run mass file updates based on multiple criteria. A reverse proxy server typically sits behind a firewall in a private network and forwards requests for web content to different servers. Offices Corporate Office Pines Blvd.

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Odbc connection on win32 Download.

FlexLinks Subscribe to FlexLinks for dree tips and updates. Support Login Request Account. DataFlex Personal Develop Windows and web database applications and services in one environment fast and easy. ODBC Open DataBase Connectivity is datafex specification designed by Microsoft to allow Windows applications to access multiple data sources through a single method with no regard for various file formats. Development and personal applications for personal use Freeware distribution of your applications to others for their private, personal use only.

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Seamless integration with your existing tables and views. A reverse proxy or load balancer can be put into a DMZ with only a single port open to allow access to each of the datafleex servers which are inside the private network.


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Corporate Office Pines Blvd. It does not need to be installed on the database server. Today’s end users are extremely sophisticated, requiring up-to-the-minute data to make a significant number of business decisions.

DataFlex 2017/19.0 is Released!

It supports Oracle 8. Report Manager Designer Odbc.

Flex2SQL outperforms competing products in every aspect of database management and operations, including finding, inserting, deleting, and replacing records. Offices Corporate Office Pines Blvd.

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Freeware created with Personal may not be the basis of any form of revenue generation or barter; paid services may not be performed using Personal. The integration of an object oriented language with a proven applicatio Visual Datafelx Personal Visual dataflex Personal is a comprehensive and reliable dwtaflex designed for building advanced business solution applications in a fast and easy manner.

Sign up for email. Logosmartz This application is a unique desktop logo creation tool that will help you turn out high quality logos in minutes. DataFlex 4GL designed for developing database applications in character mode environments.

MySQL has been the most popular open source database in the market kdbc a some time now. Supporting the products Unicorn InterGlobal use and sell, are a number of database connectivity kits and driversfrom the following suppliers:. This handy tool for developers, database administrators and advanced users is suitable for batch and scheduled job For those seeking support for stored procedure and functions, PostgreSQL provides an enterprise level database with absolutely no licensing fee.


The DataFlex name is not as well known as other DBMS products by virtue of it’s focus on the professional programmer market. Quick and easy migration, using a GUI migration tool and database validation. The ability to rapidly leverage dataflez data without the need to write source level changes dataflfx costly development projects.

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Odbc connection on win32 script implement the features of retrieving dsn and tables list on win Valid but inaccurate information in the DDF odgc. ODBC Open DataBase Connectivity is an industry standard that allows programs to access multiple database types without the need to rewrite the code for the program or having to re-link the program. With Visual DataFlex Personal developer It is also gaining increasing momentum as an embedded database for applications requiring less maintenance, small memory footprint and a lower cost of ownership.

Dataflxe of your existing data structure, no code recompilation necessary. Many existing DataFlex applications, without change, will be able to use these non-DataFlex database systems.