I installed it follow you. Next, double click on that option and it should look like the following, after you have clicked on start. Yes, that worked, but now there is another problem… I went searching for answers. Thanks, very great article. It looks like there could be some exciting stuff happening at this site. So the next thing to do is get the software required to make the SMS magic happen.

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Notify me of new comments via email. So, next, when you run CMD, do it this way: I struggled big time. It should now look like this:.

I basically took a bit from here, and bit from there. And to test it, I just run C: It looks like there could be some exciting stuff happening at this site.

Tyias Yudha S said: I am writing it as I go too, so I remember uknnown problems along the way. It should be set to Automatic.


Change your file to look like this: There may be a port assigned to that website, just just check for your setup specifically. I need to change the jnknown. You will also see a few SMS messages in the phpmysqladmin like so: So, we go back to c: The first thing to do is plug it in and install the drivers if required.

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Here we go again with trying to get some more technology working. So they have now arrived, and I am trying to get this to work. Get the software from this site: Edit this file with your correct database details around line Back to our text editor, we now also need to edit the file: October 28, at Sorry, your ubknown cannot share posts by email.

It’s required for gammu-smsd, see gammu-smsdrc 5 for documentation. So I download the not x64 bit version… whoa… look what is in the C: Ok, so after trying that gammmu-smsd, it is working now.


But, it could be promising. So when you edit the config file, keep in mind that you may have to fish around for the exact port.

Gammu on a Windows computer for SMS Database « Stephen Monro’s blog

April 23, at 3: Email required Address never made public. This is “black” list. Firstly, I uninstalled the service. Thanks for the message! Next, I try the so-called solution. You can do this by typing: