Now I have seen for other instrument drivers they have coded a sweep – which is what you’re after. Still now my code is correct only problem, commands how to give, its giving data for 1 volt but not the middle values, for that which command should I use, I tried all the necessary commands in my code. Have you got code that updates the voltage range? All the things are ok. What’s the point of the measurement in the first frame? This code will generate the correct values that you would input to the instrument. Are you using the VIs which I found here, at ni.

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For increment this input voltage I tried all the way, But here in this both character term and integer term is there, so its not taking increment step.

Keithley 617

Most Active Hardware Boards: Message 29 of Message 3 of Message 9 of In your vi i m not seeing those, and one thing sir, i m using labview 5. So may be it will difficult you to open.


It may be something as simple as changing a range. For hi-jacking thread, I was searching related to my problems, I found that one, so there only I asked my question.

You don’t get it. Message 26 of Make change and forward it to me.

Message Edited by GerdW on So its becoming very tough for me to check where the error is occuring,when i run the program it will show ‘derr’means d error near to triggering. Message 24 of All the things are ok. Its in labview 5.

I do not have the instrument and you did not post a critical subVI. Now I have seen for other instrument drivers they have coded a sweep – which is what you’re after.

Message 25 of What do you think the start and stop controls are for? Message 7 of Please show your latest VI and typical results for the critical range of I just want to know how to give increment in my code.

Keithley Electrometer – Instrument Driver – National Instruments

I m going to attach keithleg new vi. And as I said, I don’t have the instrument to do any debug. In this we are getting dynamic graph which must be linear. Nobody can help you on such vague information U just simplify my vi which i sent before, Only problem is i m not at all getting readings between -1 to 1v.


I need to work on this. You can set breakpoints and single step through the code to see what the instrument is actually being programmed for and whether it is triggering or not.

Keithley xy graph. Sir you just go through my attachment in that you see V-Source I’ve mentioned Initial Voltage and Final Voltage middle increment window and if you have any correction then do it and send it to me sir. I m facing increment problem only.

Message 2 of