Turn the power on. We try to make the return process as easy as possible. That other reviewer is right also when he says that you cannot use this printer for graphics work, but for general spreadsheet and word processing printing the printer is fantastic. The bin designations are assigned to users to prevent mixing of the printed material. Overall, this product is highly recommended.

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Placing a heavy object on the power cord, or pulling or bending it may damage it, resulting in a possible fire or electric shock. Compare the print quality of a printed page with that of a test print. Check that the connections between the connec- tors for the laser unit control section and polygon motor are correct. Does the engine properly initialize and perform its self-diag- nosis when the power is turned on?

C Duplex unit Paper path When the duplex unit has been added, the movement of the paper is as shown in the diagram below.

Remove the 2 set screws for the laser unit cover. There are 4 harness clamps.

The paper guide motor M2 is a pulse motor and the amount the paper guide moves from the home position is controlled by the pulse count. The trailing edge of the paper is caught in the paper exit roller.


Before installing connectors on a PWB, make sure the printer has been unplugged. Workgroup printer – LED – color.

Minolta-QMS Magicolor 2200 DeskLaser

Yes Replace the paper and instruct the user on how to properly store paper. Yes Replace the belt cleaner release sensor. Toner color identification rib This rib identifies the color of the toner when each toner car- tridge is inserted into the rack. Open the front cover and remove the toner waste container. Yes No Don’t know.

This in turn generated various diagonal patterns which suggest to me that the Minolta trades off color and spatial precision at dpi, something our cheap HP inkjet didn’t do. Be sure to handle the Fusing Unit carefully. The devel- oped toner image is transported to the image transfer belt. Install one of the following trays: Each push of SW1 switches in following sequence: Remove the upper-right reinforcement plate 1.


The paper size is determined by the combined L and H signals konida the switches as shown in the table below. Remove the 1 set screw for the bearing on the front side. Before removing connectors from a PWB, make sure the printer has been unplugged.


The use of folded paper or some other object may damage the interlock switch mechanism, possibly resulting in an electric shock, injury, or magciolor. Printing is done on both the front and back of the first sheet, the front and back of the second sheet, the front and back of the third sheet, and so on.

Konica Minolta Magicolor 2200 Series Black Toner Cartridge 1710471-001

Dirty image transfer roller. Does the fusing pressure motor M5 operate dur- No Ensure the connection of the connector ing printing?

Dette er en halvleder laser. This printer uses an invisible laser beam.

If unavoidable, use curtains or other mea- sures to protect the printer from direct sun- light. The amount of reflected light is measured by the photo sensor. There are 3 harness saddles. When a new unit OPC drum, toner cartridge, image transfer belt unit or fusing unit is inserted, it blows the fuse for the unit, and the count is set to zero.