The right and left Shift keys as well as the Enter and arrow keys were reduced in size. The webcam has a resolution of x which is sufficient only for pixelated video chat. The idea of implementing “screen off” and “network off” as single keys on the keypad is remarkably stupid. The sleek and relatively large touch surface allows for smooth cursor movement. More expensive devices such as the Asus UX31A use IPS panels which support undistorted viewing angles of up to 90 degrees in the horizontal axis.

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The IdeaPad S includes a month carry-in warranty. Desktop performance for Windows Aero. For my purposes, it is handy to re-map the first to “sleep” and the second to “suspend”.

Depending on power profile, display brightness, and state of the wireless modules, power consumption while idle reached a maximum of It’s substantially smaller and lighter leovo my previous 12″ laptops, but has similar functionality adpi battery life. The root directory has to big enough to hold the system software, plus temporary files, caches etc.

The layout seemed acceptable for the small On the other hand, the power adapter is small and light. The Ubuntu default is to sleep when the lenvoo is closed, but I like to close the cover while big calculations are happening, so that doesn’t work for me. While the lenvoo taken with the camera had high contrast and good focus, their small size made them of little use. Though the webcam only has a low resolution, it takes photos high in contrast that are relatively well-focused.


The Pentium in the Aspire One once again set the pace with a 61 percent better score.

Review Lenovo Ideapad S206 M898UGE Netbook

Lenovo skimped on batteries to keep the weight and price down. This will help the rest of the Community with similar issues identify the verified solution and benefit from it.

We observed excessive stuttering even when playing older games. The price, however, does not include a Windows 7 license.

While there is no afpi boost, the CPU cores can reduce their clock speed to MHz while idle to conserve energy. The results of the Cinebench R Register Sign In Help.

Ubuntu Linux on the Lenovo IdeaPad S206

Forums Knowledge Base Blogs. It’s cute but sensible — no girls yet, but they may be expected any minute. The finished underside proved to be prone to scratches as the rubber feet are rather short s2066 lifting or moving the device led to scratches from the table surface.

The radio takes about 1. We found typing on the black keyboard of the IdeaPad S to be less than fun.

boot – No touchpad with acpi=off; can’t reboot/turnoff/logout with acpi – Ask Ubuntu

The keys have a spongy stop and ratting feedback. Acer proves this is possible with its Aspire One models Beyond this, color inversion began to show.


Instead, we consider the technical specifications of the IdeaPad S As this netbook is also sold with Windows 7 there should be a working driver available, but Lenovo did not yet put it online here The battery only has the typical one-year warranty. Some customers may not miss these ports as those choosing to connect the device to an external TV are more likely to use HDMI.

However the button is visible to Linux There is a “hotkeys” setting to reverse this arrangement, so the F-keys are activated with a simple press, and the special functions require teh Fn key. These results confirm our subjective evaluation of a slow operating speed. We found the sound quality to be mid-ranged and there was no avpi at all.

After reviewing the Lenovo IdeaPad S, we found a number of significant disadvantages such as the sensitive glossy surfacesnoisy keyboard, short battery lifeand a merely moderately stable case.

More expensive devices such as the Asus UX31A use IPS panels which support undistorted viewing angles of up to 90 degrees in the horizontal axis.