Both configs are executed, even though the second is outside the mode; the quit flag has no effect – no other config is following it in the. Christoph Take Surveys. Also key sequences might not be recognized equally because all programs then don’t have the same starting point. In order to use the lircrcd feature you have to explicitly enable it by adding the following line at the beginning of the file: If mode is equal to the name of a client application this application will always start in this mode.

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The second stroke and every further one will lead to.

LIRC – UDP Driver

You should get something like this: However, LIRC offers more flexibility and functionality and is still the right tool in a lot of scenarios. It can be changed by providing an optional parameter to the –listen switch. If you want to use more than one remote control you can simply concatenate the config files: It tells the program to ilrc this mode.

This also leads to a disadvantage of the mode concept. It also accepts commands for IR signals to be sent if the hardware supports this.

Also key sequences might not be recognized equally because all programs then don’t have the same starting point. Lifting this limitation is one of the todo items for future releases. This is about devices and counting. Please note that configurations outside a mode will always stay active even though you enter a specific mode. I have made a 0. Supported remote controls There are some config files for remote controls at the remotes database. Hans-Hermann Redenius has contributed a IRdeo device.


irtext2udp(1) — lirc — Debian experimental — Debian Manpages

LIRC is a package that allows you to decode and send infra-red signals of many but not all commonly used remote controls. Linux Links Linux Documentation Project www. It tells the parser to read the specified file before resuming the current one: If you don’t start all client programs at a time the mode they currently are in may differ between applications. Of course lorc can do a lot more than just start programs.

I’m adding function comments to my local codebase as I work through it, to keep track of what goes on in each routine. This is useful for starting an application whenever you enter a special mode.

Configuring lircd (the LIRC daemon)

To do this you need a file called. This will compile almost any user-space driver into lircd that is available but does not compile any kernel modules, that’s why you had to build them individually before.

With this feature you can for example implement toggle buttons.


It should be placed in your home directory. You should also be aware that if a configuration changes the current mode, the change takes effect immediately, which means that the further search for matching configurations beginning at the next configuration further down will take place with the new mode setting.

Then the amount of pixels is calculated with the following formula: Differences in the order of configurations in. The kirc is to have configuration information of ydp clients in one place.

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Depending on the config file described in the next section it converts IR uvp into mouse events. All programs should give you the possibility to use an alternative config file. Sometimes this makes LIRC redundant. If you have trouble creating a working config file please read the chapter about adding new remote controls.