Posted By Mirza H. Finally, in the vein of “teaching a man to fish”, when you say you googled about this, did you perhaps google the entire error message? Please try the following: The help also indicates this an option, so I’m just speaking to those who try the ” local ” value. Even so, I hope the info above like all my blog entries may help you and others, without charge. It’s just a matter of finding it.

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You’ll notice there’s a specific “database access” forum there. This will show you all of the open TCP ports.

What is wrong with CFMX 7!!! Here is a quick reference on how to enforce encrypted connections: He has some nice screenshots, so I want to mention it here now.

The root cause was that: I want to add a comment here, in case it may help others finding this old, but still relevant post. I don’t have SQL against which to test how things are similar or different, but I do point to some old CF docs that may apply to that version.

Sqoserver the first result of 2 there is a lengthy discussion of this issue by an Adobe engineer in the Adobe forums.


Error Executing Database Query.

So I have copied the “ListCatalogRequest. I haven’t checked the ODBC connection, but will let you know soon abt it.

I receive next message in Event Log: Enabling it helped, and so glad you mentioned the server name should be If it doesn’t work for you, I’m afraid I have to recommend you contact Adobe support or some other resource for additional help. Any additional data points and subtle nuances that affect folks differently will help jdbcc eventually.

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You have several ways to do security. For more on mine, jxbc carehart. Hope this helps someone else. If you’re willing to pay for assistance, there are folks including myself who offer support for a modest hourly fee.

The error occurred in E: Still, all this commentary can sit for others to consider, and perhaps someone may sqlswrver offer an update some day if they read it and know the answer. Also, I saw that little red lines were showing while typing this entry. I said, specifically to your needs: I followed Sarge’s instructions to run “netstat -anop TCP” and determined that sqlserver.

macromdia But I have been teaching myself over the last year since our website was built off of Cold Fusion. Without knowing more, this sounds like a SQL or reporting issue.


I had not noticed it that the support matrix said only jdk So, I wanted to do some testing by setting up a different datasource through CF administrator again. You cannot create an alias and use it in another calculation, at the same level, because the alias is not defined yet.

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macromedka When you say “it did not help”, what is “it”? If it doesn’t, then it also tells you that you have something else going on. Someone could have changed it on install, for security reasons, or some other config feature could have changed it.

Since this is just my local development box, in a firewall, I won’t bother to investigate the, but others here should.

Chunsong Feng Microsoft Online Community Support Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help djbc unmark them if they provide no help. Thanks for this, it worked.

There may be indeed, likely are important security considerations that should go into enabling that option.